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Professor Stephen Smith

Host Institution:

Professor Smith is visiting Cambridge University for the duration of his Fellowship. He is also giving talks about his research at Cambridge University, University College London, the London School of Economics and Political Science, and Edinburgh University. 

Professor Stephen Smith is a James McGill Professor in the Faculty of Law at McGill University in Canada. During his British Academy Visiting Fellowship, Professor Smith will be undertaking research for a monograph entitled ‘Rights, Wrongs, and Injustices: The Structure of Remedial Law’.

Project Description:

The monograph seeks to establish the existence of, and provide the intellectual foundations for, a body of law that has been largely unacknowledged, ignored, or misunderstood in the western legal tradition. Focusing primarily on the common law tradition and, within that tradition, on judicial rulings that seek to resolve private law disputes (‘remedies’), the manuscript addresses three main questions: what, if anything, is distinctive about legal remedies in comparison to other legal phenomena, e.g., substantive legal rules; what is the relationship between remedial law and substantive law; and what, if any, general principles underlie remedy law?

A lecture from Professor Smith on his research can be found here:

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