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School league tables: A short guide for head teachers and governors

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School league tables: A short guide for head teachers and governors, written by Professor Harvey Goldstein FBA, summarises what the existing academic evidence tells us about some of the problems associated with the use of school league tables. It warns that league tables are a simplistic measure and do not adequately examine the underlying relationship between the quality of what schools provide and the results of tests and examinations. Using this guide, head teachers and school governors should feel emboldened to point out some of the drawbacks of school league tables to avoid misleading interpretations by parents, the press and the wider public. 

The guide is based on the report ‘Measuring Success’ that was written by Professor Goldstein and Beth Foley and published by the Academy’s Policy Centre in March 2012.


Publication date: 24 Jan 2013

Author: Harvey Goldstein

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