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Visiting Fellowships 2018 Awards List

The British Academy has made 89 awards through its Visiting Fellowship Programme. The projects began in 2018.


Antonio Gonzalez Goldsmiths, University of London
Recreating Heritage Destruction: Exposing State Violence in Western Australia

Erich Round University of Surrey
Canonical Phonology

Jeannine Baker University of Sussex
Working for Auntie Beeb: Australian Women and Gendered Career Pathways at the BBC

Jon Barnett University of Exeter
Spatial and Temporal Dimensions of Climate-Induced Resettlement

Katrina Hutchison University of Bristol
Gender and the Impulse to Innovate: An Exploration of Female and Male Surgeons' Motivations and Experiences in Surgical Innovation and Research.

David Smith London School of Economics and Political Science
Islam, Anti-Islamic Politics and the State in Liberal Democracies



Elisabeth Gsottbauer University of Cambridge
Field Experiments on Social Preferences and Conservation Incentives



Aikaterini Florou Queen Mary University of London
International Investment Arbitration Post-Brexit: Challenges and Opportunities for the UK-EU Investment Relations



Jens Zimmermann University of Oxford
Who Am I?: A Theological Account of Personhood

Stephen Smith University of Cambridge
Rights, Wrongs, and Injustices: The Structure of Remedial Law

Rachel Koopmans University of Kent
The Thomas Becket 'Miracle Windows' of Canterbury Cathedral

Karen Knop London School of Economics and Political Science
Peace Cases and Peace Camps: A Study in Feminist International Law and Foreign Affairs Law

Kelly O'Brien King's College London
Advancing Measurement of Disability to Promote Successful Aging with HIV: Strengthening Research Partnerships between the United Kingdom and Canada

Lynette Reid University of Cambridge
Cancer Screening and the New Paradoxes of Preventive Medicine

Rebecca Caines Queen's University Belfast
Fragile Devices: Improvisation and Community-Engagement in Sound Art and Interdisciplinary Performance

Karsten Steinhauer Queen Mary University of London
Neurocognitive Investigations of Word Morphology and Phonology Using EventRelated Brain Potentials (ERPs) - OR: Electrophysiological Investigations of Morphology and Phonology in First and Second Language.



Marcela Tenorio Delgado University College London
Exploration of Stigma Towards People with Intellectual Disabilities Disorders Across the Lifespan in the Chilean Context



Di Zhu Goldsmiths, University of London
Consumer Culture of Middle Class Families in Metropolitan China: In the Process of Social Structural Changes

Xiaodong Li University of Nottingham
Remote Sensing to Inform Sustainable Development

Yu Dong University of Oxford
Agricultural Strategies in the Neolithic and Bronze Age Eastern China

Xinping Guan University of Leeds
Inequality and Poverty: Issues and Policy Development in the UK and China

Carol Chan University of Cambridge
Dialogic Teaching and Knowledge Building Supported by Technology

Rongyu Su British Museum
The Use of Revolutionary Pattern–block Methods in Chinese Bronze Production: Invention and Dissemination in the 6th Century BC



Raquel Bernal Institute for Fiscal Studies
Understanding the Process of Early Human Capital Formation



Vivian Reigosa-Crespo University College London
Developmental Dyscalculia: Moving on from Brain/Genetic Research to Intervention



Dimitrios Xefteris King's College London
Social Diversity and Redistribution Policies



Dominic Rainsford Royal Holloway, University of London
A Book of Numbers: Counting, Writing, and the Ethical

Jennifer Cromwell University of Reading
The Use of Indigenous Languages in Conquest Societies

Chiara Villa University of Bradford
Biological Anthropological Analysis of Inca Sacrificial Victims



Usama Gad School of Advanced Study, University of London
Digital Classics in Arabic



Danielle Watson Cardiff University
Examining Concepts for Understanding Expressed Positions on Crime



Mariana Perez Torrescano Salgado Nottingham Trent University
Rethinking Business Ethics as Values-driven Habituation



Ulrike Fasbender Birkbeck, University of London
Being Socially Mindful at Work: A Dyadic Approach to Understanding Intergenerational Contact and Coworker-Support Behaviour

Andrea Hildebrandt University of Kent
The Construct Validity of Forensic Face-Matching Ability



Rohit Jigyasu Loughborough University
Protecting Historic Urban Areas Using Historic Urban Landscapes Approach

Sanjay Srivastava King's College London
Urban Futures: Satellite Mapping, Big Data and the Politics of Space at the Margins of the Indian City

Irudaya Rajan Sebastian Northumbria University
International Migration and Inclusive Development in India

Niladri Sekhar Dash University of Reading
Applying Psycholinguistics to Inform Language Production in Bangla

Sahil Nijhawan ZSL Institute of Zoology
Multi-Disciplinary Investigation of Human-Tiger Relations Under Large-Scale Environmental and Demographic Changes in Northeast India

Himanshu Himanshu London School of Economics and Political Science
A Village, a Country, a Subject: Palanpur, India, Development Economics



Isabella Jackson School of Oriental and African Studies
Slave-Girls and the Discovery of Female Childhood in Twentieth-century



Cristian Mondello University of Warwick
The "ASINA Tokens" of the Fourth and Fifth Centuries AD. Religious "Tolerance" and "Intolerance" in Late Antiquity

Gianfranco Agosti University of St Andrews
Everyday Poetry in Late Antiquity. Culture and Society in the Eastern Mediterranean Through the Lens of Greek Verse Inscriptions (3rd-7th century CE)

Sara Sullam University of Reading
British Novels for European Readers, European novels for British Readers: A Working Hypothesis for the Anglo-Italian Case (1945-1965)

Stefania Ermidoro Newcastle University
Unfolding a Victorian Archive. The Layard Collection at Newcastle University.



Osamu Saito University of Cambridge
Rethinking the Role of Structural Change in Long-Run Economic Development



Duncan Omanga University of Cambridge
'Appointment with God'; Facebook, State-Surveillance and Extra Judicial Killings of Criminal Gangs in Eastlands Nairobi



Vidal Romero Leon London School of Economics and Political Science
Social and Security Impacts of Investment Projects in the Energy Sector.



Onno van Nijf Royal Holloway, University of London
Sport, Identitities, and Connectivity in the Ancient World

Barnita Bagchi Lancaster University
Transcultural Utopian Imagination and the Future: Tagore, Gandhi and India-Britain Entanglements in the Early 1930s


New Zealand

Kevin Watson University of Liverpool
Accent and Identity in Liverpool: A Corpus Sociophonetic 'Big Data' Approach

Sydney Shep University of Southampton
Fluid Geographies and Global Mobilities: Recovering Southampton's Translocal Book Trade Networks 1840-1914



Monsuru Muritala Queen Mary University of London
The Second World War and the Failure of Community in Colonial Ilesa Metropolis, Western, Nigeria



Yaqoob Bangash Royal Holloway, University of London
The Making of a Constitution: Religion, Politics and the State in Pakistan, 1947-56



Witold Klaus Edge Hill University
Polish Migrants Deported From the UK

Grzegorz Krzywiec Birkbeck, University of London
Making Anti-Semitism Global. East Europeans, British Public Opinion and the Internationalisation of Anti-Semitism in an Era of Crisis, (1917-1923)



José Neves Goldsmiths, University of London
The Invention of Amílcar Cabral


Russian Federation

Nina Adamova Manchester Metropolitan University
Reading Sacred History in Reformation Europe: 1500-1600



Shaun Goh University College London
Individual Variation Among Early Language Difficulties and Prospective Associations to Mental Health in the Early School Years

Angel Hsu University of Oxford
Strengthening Non-State and Subnational Climate Action in China


South Africa

Kylie Thomas University of Brighton
Picturing Resistance: Visual Activism and Transnational Histories of Photography



Maria Limon University of Reading
'Cut These Words Into My Stone': Inscribing Verse in Ancient Rome as Cultural Practice

Nuria Sebastian Galles University of Oxford
Development of Lexico-semantic Network in Bilingual Toddlers

Isaac Baley University of Bristol
The Impact of Economic Uncertainty on the Dynamics of Human Capital, Productivity, Wealth and Labour Markets



Thor Berger University of Oxford
Man vs. Machine: New Perspectives on the Changing World of Work

Hana Nielsen University of Cambridge
Historical Energy Intensity in Manufacturing – Basic Goods and Materials (1870 to 1935)



Graiwoot Chulphongsathorn University of Westminster
Southeast Asian Cinema and the Anthropocene



Emmanuel Kasimbazi University of Reading
Legal and Governance Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) in the East African Community

Sam Lutalo-Kiingi Heriot-Watt University
Professional Ugandan Sign Language Interpreting Services: Evaluating an Academic Training Programme and Identifying Challenges in Practice


United States

Amanda Phillips University of St Andrews
Ottomans and Serbians, Sultans and Monks: Cross-Cultural Material Culture c 1400

Wendy Erb University of Exeter
Integrating Ecological and Ethnographic Research to Develop Effective and Socially Just Conservation in a Threatened Bornean Landscape

Mark Clark University of East Anglia
Rethinking the Academic Career and Influence of Stephen Langton

Jack Jacobs Birkbeck, University of London
Antisemitism, Racism and the Left: International Perspectives

Jeremy Speight Loughborough University
When Does Rebel Governance Persist? Rebel Governance and Post-Conflict PeaceBuilding in Côte d'Ivoir

Wendy Kline University of Strathclyde
Psychedelic Birth: R.D. Laing and the Transformation of Psychiatry

Laura Murphy University of Nottingham
21st Century Slave Revolts and Underground Railroads: Voices for Freedom

Dale Turner University of Hull
A Tradition of Anishinaabe Diplomacy: Indigenous Spirituality in Anishinaabe Constitutionalism

Pamela J. Crabtree Bournemouth University
Synergies in Zooarchaeology: Comparative Studies of Early Food-Producing Communities in Transcaucasia and Human-Animal Interactions in Early Medieval Urban Sites in Northern Europe

Jessica Smith University of St Andrews
Energy, Engineering and Ethics: Forging New Interdisciplinary Research Visions and Practices

Francesca Pomerantz University of Strathclyde
Teacher Education for Equitable Outcomes

Ivan Fernandez-Val University College London
Distribution Regression with Sample Selection

Ferruh Yilmaz University of Westminster
Media, Crisis and Populist Success

Alyssa Croft University of Essex
Gendered Helping: Exploring the Causes and Consequences of Stereotype-Restricted Prosocial Behaviour

Tara White University of Cambridge
Legal Toxins: Characterising the Effect of New Psychoactive Substances on Brain Health

Jonathan Ong City, University of London
Global Disinformation Architectures: A Comparative Approach to Evaluating and Designing Interventions to Information Disorders

Laura Lomas King's College London
In Between States: Translating Interdisciplinarity Across Latina/o American, Latin American and Caribbean Literatures

David Braun University of Oxford
Ecological and Social Dynamics of Technological Adaptations in our Earliest Ancestors

Thomas Reardon University of Southampton
Food System Transformation, Global Supply Chains and the Challenge of AntiMicrobial Resistance (AMR)

Lindy Brady University of Birmingham
Framing History in the British Isles: The Origin Legends of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales


For further details about the research projects funded, please see here.

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