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Policy Team

British Academy Policy Team

Vivienne Hurley 
Director of Research Funding and Policy
020 7969 5268

Harriet Barnes
Head of Policy (Higher Education and Skills)
020 7969 5281

Joseph Buckley
Policy Manager (Skills)
020 7969 5308

Maxime Delattre
Policy Adviser (Skills)
020 7969 5318

Chinara Rustamova
Policy Adviser (Higher Education)
020 7969 5233

Helen Gibson
Policy and Engagement Manager
020 7969 5287

Jamiesha Majevadia
Policy Adviser (Public Policy)
020 7969 5215

Martin Rogers
Policy Adviser (Public Policy)
0207 969 5346

Tara Vernhes
Policy Officer (Public Policy)
0207 969 5285

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